Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Your Charger Cable

18 Nov 2017 Virgil

If there’s one thing about your smartphone that you’re not ever happy with, it’s the quality of the charging cables that come out of the box. These work fine for a little bit but after some time has passed, they become loose at the tip or break on the inside.

This means that you’re going to have to constantly keep checking if your phone’s even being charged and that’s just annoying. If the above sounds even the slightest bit relatable to you, then you need to toss your old charging cable for a new Wsken magnetic charger cable as soon as possible and here’s why.

Easy Snap Action
Once you’ve inserted the Micro USB head into your phone’s charging slot, it’s going to stay there nice and firm; all you have to do is to bring your charging cable close to your phone and it’ll automatically snap in place. Likewise, when you want to remove your phone to use it, you can just tug the cable off just as easily. This great news for those who charge their phones while driving.

These cables are built to last both inside and outside; they’re coated with Kevlar so that they don’t break due to being bent and the wires used on the inside are made of high quality materials for better power andfaster data transference.

The Wsken magnetic charger cable also features a smart LED indicator what will let you know from a distance whether your phone is being charged or not. This eliminated the possibility of you leaving your phone to charge without remembering the power on. The Wsken magnetic charger cable is the best magnetic charging cable out there right now and it’s one that you need.

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