Common Dental Health Issues of Kids

21 Aug 2017 Virgil

Every parent knows that it is not easy raising a child because it is a whole human being who is dependent on the parent and is not aware of his/her own body which means that he/she cannot take care of him/herself. Parents are always very careful about the physical health of the baby but we have noticed that somehow they do not pay that much attention to dental health as much as they pay attention to the overall health which is surprising and alarming because teeth are very important parts of the body and dental health is strongly linked to the health of the rest of the body.

Since parents cannot be fully aware or have complete knowledge regarding the dental care of the child, childrens dentist recommend that children should start visiting the dentist as soon as they turn one because by that time they would have one tooth and even that one tooth needs looking after.

Let us look at some of the common problems that trouble kids regarding their teeth.

Tooth Decay
It is one of the biggest and common problems that plague kid’s teeth since always. The tooth gets decayed in this disease and it is caused by a particular type of acid. Tooth decay takes place when kids eat something and do not clean their teeth after it so the acid in the food accumulates around the teeth and starts affecting the outer part of the teeth. The main culprits that are full of acid are candies, fizzy drinks or anything sugary. When the decay increases, it destroys the enamel and a hole forms in the tooth.

Falling Out
The falling out of a tooth is not a problem and is actually healthy but it can get painful for some kids.

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