Things You Should Plan Out Earlier On For a Wedding in a Big City

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, as we all know it. It is quite busy as well and getting things done last minute seems like quite the impossible. For those of you who have just moved in or are only here for special occasions, you should know that reservations beforehand are the common norm practiced in NYC.

Wedding vendors and wedding halls get booked years earlier, if you would believe me. There are a lot of people in NYC and a lot more from outside who want to have a destination wedding in New York. It really is the city that never sleeps.

New York Wedding Venues

As mentioned earlier and I cannot stress this enough, you really need to start planning ahead and book a wedding venue of your choice really early on to make your dream day possible.

Wedding Vendors

Another important thing to keep in mind is to start searching for wedding vendors catering New York city. Once you have them and give them enough time for bookings and everything, your planning will be easier and relatively less stressful for you.

Wedding Photographers

A good idea will be to search up NYC wedding photographers earlier on as well so that there is no rush in these things and all your fine details, your beauty and the perfect moments may be captured by the photographers booked by your choice.

The list goes on and on and so the conclusion is that you should plan it all up as soon as you get engaged, for the day to come. And if you are wondering where to look for all of these things in one place then you should visit One Wed website.

What You Don’t Know About Being a Wedding Planner

More and more people are looking to become wedding planners nowadays, making it a very popular career option nowadays. The only experience we have ever had with a wedding planner is either by hiring one for our own wedding or what we see during movies or television shows. A lot of people are fascinated by weddings and believe that this makes them qualified enough. However, there are a lot of aspects about being a wedding planner that people seldom talk about. So, if you plan on becoming a professional wedding planner, here are a few things people don’t tell you about becoming a wedding planner.

  • There are long working hours. Most wedding planners work throughout the weekends and even on holidays, making you miss out many family commitments and even vacations. So, you have to be okay knowing that you might not be able to give your family and loved ones a lot of time once you get a client.
  • You cannot take up more than 10-12 clients annually. Some clients book you 8-12 months beforehand so you have to be there for them throughout the entire time. So, you cannot take up many clients and you have to make sure that these 10-12 weddings cover up all your costs including a decent profit.
  • It is not a glamorous job contrary to what you may think. Being a wedding planner is more than just organizing, there is a lot of dirty work involved and most wedding planners spend their time running around from one end of the venue to the opposite end during the day of the wedding.
  • The wedding planner will be the first person to enter the venue and then the last person to leave as well.

If you still plan on becoming a professional wedding planner after reading all this, you can go ahead.