The First Course

We all love to go and start up the flames and set out a barbeque. For many it is a family tradition that is done on a regular basis and one where everyone can come together and have a lot of fun while eating some really good food. The best types of barbeques are ones that give the people present a lot of variety to choose from and the ability to mix and match different food items so that every person can have something that suits their palette. To have a really successful barbeque that people will be talking about you need to throw in some tasty appetizers along with the main course of ribs, steaks, and burgers. Many people will make a salad of some sort and put a bowl of it near the serving table, but sometimes it might be better to go ahead and get something new for the appetizers.

Some might think that this is a lot of extra work, but the first course of a meal is very important and will often get your guests in the proper barbeque mood. Besides, work is made easy when you have a good quality grill. You could get some of the best electric smokers from Dadgum Barbecue and then that should help you out a lot with being able to cook and prepare different types of starters to get everyone started.

A good direction to go would be things that can be smoked up and prepared in a manner that suits the taste of the barbeque that you are having. You could start off by making some grilled mushrooms. Everybody knows grilled mushrooms taste good with medium rare meat and it adds a whole lot of new flavor to the cookout. You could even go ahead and make kebabs or smoked salmon.

A Guide on Making Beef Jerky With a Dehydrator

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can use the wonderful invention of dehydrator to make beef jerky at home. Without further ado, let us start with the process.

Cut of Meat

The first step is to choose the right kind of meat because the cut that you select will determine whether you would be able to cook the beef jerky perfectly or not. It is true that the most popular jerky is made from beef or pork but you can choose meat like deer, alligator, elk or others too. Turkey is also becoming a great option for jerky these days because it absorbs the marinade really good due to its properties. Obviously if you want all of this to be difficult then you can go for an edible floral arrangement of beef jerky which is only offered by a limited number of stores all over the world. While choosing a lean cut of meat just make sure that it does not have any fat in it because fat spoils the taste, texture and the life of the jerky. After you buy the desired cut of meat, it is necessary that you remove all signs of visible fat and then cut it into thin strips.

Marinate The Strips

Many people just coat the jerky with salt and pepper but we recommend being creative and make different kinds of marinade with every possible ingredient that you can imagine.

Dehydrate The Strips

Now the final step is to use the dehydrator so place the strips on the trays but make sure to cover the trays with a non-sticking spray. You would need around 10 hours or so to completely dry the strips and when you remove it, you will have been jerky.

A Kitchen Essential

A good knife set is a kitchen essential, those who don’t work in the kitchen don’t really realize the importance of having a good knife set, even if it is a bit expensive because it not a luxury but a necessity, there are so many different types of kitchen knives which are used to cut different things, every knife works best in a different situation, people seek the help online as they want to know more about which knife set is best and a chef recommendation, is a website which has really helped me find a good set of knives which works brilliantly in every situation.

A good knife is not just required by a professional chef but every home chef needs a set of amazing knives, it not only makes their work easier but helps them do the work much quickly and improve the presentation of the meal, a quality knife provides durability and that is a fact, we grow up watching the same knives in our kitchen and that is because of a good investment in a really good quality set of knives, a solid handle and a thin, sharp blade is something which is present in every good quality knife.

You cannot really figure out which one is best unless you have used all of them, and that is certainly not possible, provides assistance in making that decision as it has customer reviews and rates the top knives, their rating can really help you make the right decision so that you don’t end up buying a knife set which is expensive and fancy but does not really serve the purpose, the best manufacturers have been producing quality knives for decades now, their knives are available in different size and weight category, choose your pick at

Deep Fried Delicacy

Chicken is an ingredient used throughout the world, and for a good reason, chicken is delicious, it contains an ample amount of protein and has great taste if cooked properly. One of the most common ways of preparing chicken for ingestion is deep frying it, submerging the meat inside cooking oil effectively helps in cooking the bird properly and ensures that its tenderness remains intact. In fact, there are entire international franchises based on providing its customers with different types of fried chicken. Go to any restaurant and you will find at least one dish containing friend chicken in it.

Restaurants have always made use of chicken deep fryers, due to fried-rattheir reliable temperature consistency and their ability to effectively fry chicken to an ideal state. However, these fryers were designed for industrial purposes and weren’t suitable for home, until recently. Deep chicken fryers have ow become available for domestic uses, a lot more compact, and more affordable, they come in a variety of types, all of which have the plus points of industrial fryers.People at home can prepare restaurant grade fried chicken, or even better, depends on the cook, spicing up any gathering with their impressively cooked dish. The deep fryers take away the need to constantly monitor the meat as it gets cooked, making use of timers to alert the cook when the dish is prepared, some of the best chicken deep fryers make use of electrical heating, this provides an even more efficient heating system than regular propane fryers.

Many households nowadays make use of deep fryers for their chicken cooking, other than fried chicken, some deep fryers can also fry items like French fries, bringing in a two in one functionality. Chicken based recipes are prevalent in every culture and it really makes the dinner table a lot more satisfying.

Top 5 of The Best Home Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are reviewed on the basis of their durability, quality of food produced and time consumption. However, choosing the one perfect for you can be bit of a tricky job if you are new to it.

Following are the best home deep fryers that could be suitable for you and for your kitchen.

 Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact:

This one is perfect for the ones using deep fryers for the first time. It is basic and comes with all the basic features. It is perfect for faster cooking. The only problem is that it does not cook large portions of food at a time.

511XyUjN32LPresto Kitchen Kettle Deep Fryer:

This is the lowest priced deep fryer available in the market. It is very simple to use and cooks restaurant quality food for the whole family in no time. You can make every type of fried food item in it.

Waring DF55 Deep Fryer:

It is absolutely perfect for families that love to consume fried food now and then. Like other product available in the market it is quite durable and a reliable product.

Cuisinairre Dual Deep Fryer:

This deep fryer gives restaurant quality food in no time. It is perfect for larger families. It consist of two sections, each having different temperatures for cooking. So, we can actually use it for cooking two types of food items at a time. As a result of which less time and efforts are required to make good quality and healthier food in your kitchen.

Li T-fal Ultimate Deep Fryer:

As compared to the other products, this product is a little over-priced. However, due to its efficiency and durability it made it to our top 5 of the best home deep fryers. Another unique feature of this product is that its parts are very easy to clean.